Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Time Flies

A year ago today, Subplot was released onto the Mac App Store. It's been a busy year. Savings Jar followed in December, and real life intruded from January, all the way through the summer.

But, there are two projects on the horizon that I'm really excited about: -
  • I'm getting closer and closer to being ready to releasing my first novella. I've also had to learn about eBook formatting, as well as designing the cover. I'll do a cover reveal closer to release.
  • There's also another app that's nearly ready as well. Once the submission is ready, there should be more information about that.

So hopefully towards the end of September/October, there should be a lot more news.

Happy writing!

Monday, 3 September 2012


This time last year, I was waiting for Subplot to go through the Apple App Store submission process. As it happens, it went through first time, and was ready for the launch date, 19th September. Well, the year's raced by, and it's coming up to the one year anniversary of Subplot's release, so thank you so much to everyone that has given the app a try over the last year.

Currently I'm working on readying a novella and I'll hopefully make it available soon.

Happy writing!