Monday, 25 February 2013

Supporting development

There's a Kickstarter finishing in a couple of days: Next Generation LiveCode. Designed to help build an open-source version of a development tool that could be used freely by schools and teachers.

Please have a look at the page and the pitch by the team at RunRev. They're UK-based, and seem like a great bunch. I don't use LiveCode here (yet), but it's an avenue I'm considering for potential developments.

Anything that can help teach computer science in a way that makes it fun and engaging is a good thing in my book, and the more people that learn how to program, the more people that aren't so daunted by computers and technology.

Best of luck to the RunRev team.

Friday, 15 February 2013

Introducing Word Count Dashboard

Our fourth application has just launched on the Mac App Store: Word Count Dashboard.

Word Count Dashboard Promo

It uses the same mentality as Savings Jar, but deals with keeping track of a writing project's word count rather than savings.

It came about because in my latest writing project, I wanted to keep focused on my 90,000 word target for finishing the first draft. I started using Savings Jar to keep on top of the total and handling the "what's left and percentage complete" totals.

Due to the way Savings Jar works, I had to work out each writing session's number of words, then add them as a "saving", and as I was finding this a really effective way of keeping myself motivated, I decided to create a dedicated app to deal with it.

Word Count Dashboard works slightly differently to Savings Jar, in that you just have to enter the current total word count for your whole writing project. Word Count Dashboard then takes care of calculating the session's total, etc.

For a more writer-oriented discussion of why I wrote the app, head over to Craig's Writing Corner.

Happy Writing!