Monday, 15 July 2013

Word Count Dashboard leaps to the iPad

Word Count Dashboard has joined Savings Jar on the App Store. The little motivational tool to help you keep on top of your writing targets can be found in the Utilities section.

I used Word Count Dashboard every day when I was writing the first draft of Spark of Humanity. I wrote 85,000 words in 60 days, the most I've ever managed.

I think it works well because it just doesn't care whether you write or not - it's always up to you to get the work done, but Word Count Dashboard will always tell you exactly where you stand - if you skip a day, the next time you look, the daily target goes up. If you write less than your target amount one day, the daily target goes up. And crucially, when you see your target fluctuating like that, I think it really brings it home, and (certainly for me) it helps you knuckle down and get it done.

Normally, you could say to yourself "oh, it's only one day, I'll catch up" - and then that one day turns into two, and those two days turn into three, and suddenly you've skipped a week, and your target's looking more like a pipe dream than a realistic goal.

So, please do give Word Count Dashboard a try - whether it's on the Mac or the iPad, I hope you find it useful.

Happy writing!

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Monday, 1 July 2013


Unfortunately, the minimum version for Savings Jar on the iPad was causing some problems, so we've withdrawn the app while we sort out the correct minimum version.

The updated version of Savings Jar for iPad, 1.2, is waiting for review at Apple.

The minimum version of iOS that Savings Jar will run on when it launches again, is iOS 6.1.

If you have purchased Savings Jar for iPad, and cannot upgrade to iOS 6.1, then please see the App Store support people for a refund.

We're sorry for any inconvenience this has caused.

Savings Jar branches out

Saving Jar is now available for the iPad. The little motivational app that lets you save towards a goal, and then shows you each day just how well (or badly) you're doing, launched on the App Store on 1st July 2013.

Here are a couple more screenshots from the iPad version: -

Adding a saving entry

The saving list

Please note that the Mac and iPad versions do not share file formats - if you already own Savings Jar for the Mac, there's no need to buy the iPad version, unless you'd prefer to use it on the iPad. However, you would have to create your goals on the iPad version independently of the Mac version.