Saturday, 31 August 2013


A small update for Subplot should be released shortly on the app store.

As ever, please back up your Subplot data file before making any changes.

Happy writing!

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Getting Organised

We've launched a new app for the Mac today (1st August): Peace of Mind.

This is a little utility that I needed myself, and the idea for it came about because I was thinking about the future, and how everyone says they're organised, but most people, in reality, aren't.

Peace of Mind allows you to store the details of things you own (property like a house, or that really expensive phone/tablet, or your car), your bank and savings accounts, your documents (e.g. the location of that share certificate, or where the deeds to the house are), as well as the arrangements that link everything together.

The basic idea is this: what would my loved ones need to know about my accounts, property and arrangements, if I wasn't around to tell them about them, and crucially the details of where the documents are.

Peace of Mind doesn't get into the details of your account balances and account numbers, so you never use it to manage accounts - you use it instead to let people know where your accounts are held, so that if the worst does happen, then your loved ones aren't left to ring around different institutions trying to resolve things.

Please note: Peace of Mind does NOT provide legal or financial advice. It is purely an organiser for your details. Please talk to your lawyer, accountant, or other qualified professional if this is the sort of advice you are seeking.