Thursday, 20 March 2014


Spring already! I've been designing a new app, the tenth one. This is the third year since Subplot first launched (back in September 2011), so the apps have been coming along nicely. The new app is a simple one, and it's designed for the iPhone.

Apple seem to be requiring everything to conform to the iOS 7 look-and-feel now, so the app has a very straight-forward aesthetic. I honestly miss the skeumorphism of iOS 6, and everyone who I've spoken to, "real users" if you like, also agree. Whether it's the loss of the woodgrain bookshelves for iBooks, or the overly garish, and bright colours for the rest of iOS 7, the whole thing seems to be designed to look "computery" rather than useful. The charm is missing.

Since I can't see Apple rolling it all back, in business-lingo-bingo terms, "we are where we are". I think it's a real shame though - and I think if the iPad had launched with the iOS 7 UI originally, it wouldn't have had such a great uptake with a lot of people.

I'm doing the testing work on the new app at the moment, and hopefully it will be ready for some time in early April. I'm also working on a game, which is new territory for me, and a bit of a huge undertaking, but it's also tremendously rewarding.

Happy writing!