Friday, 19 February 2016

Marching onwards

This week was the third anniversary for Word Count Dashboard. It came about when I started using my other app, Savings Jar as a word counter and progress marker for my novel, Spark of Humanity. When I found it so useful, I decided to create a dedicated version for writers, and Word Count Dashboard was born.

The app has changed aesthetics quite a bit over the years - from its original inception as a virtual pinboard, with a cork board background, and multi-coloured sticky notes, it's evolved into a more sedate looking app, partly as a consequence of Apple moving to the more garish and flat looking iOS 7 versus the older look of iOS 8. When I updated the iOS version of Word Count Dashboard, it made sense to retrofit the Mac version too.

Do I use it? Yes. I use all my own apps. Currently, according to Word Count Dashboard, I'm sitting at over 86% complete for my next novel, Intertwined (the first draft at least!) and I'm updating it every day. I am thinking of adding a couple of other stats to the Mac version, so that you can see some averages of what you've written over the course of the project, we'll see, no promises.

Work is still carrying on with my game idea, so while there's not a lot happening on the surface, there's plenty going on behind the scenes.

Happy writing.