Saturday, 2 April 2016

Quality over quantity

Hmm. Talk about running to stand still. March has been a frustrating month, where I've been looking at what I want to achieve with my game design, and what I think I can realistically create.

One troubling development seems to be the trend for the Choice Script games to aim for larger and larger word counts. Two of the latest releases are a 440,000 word story, and one is a 1.25m word story! I honestly don't think I've written a million words yet in my own writing, and the thought of doing it for one title alone, let alone one that would likely be sold for £2.99, well the effort really isn't worth the gain.

So, while I'm still writing every day, as well as editing the first draft of Intertwined, and also looking at what I can achieve with animation in DAZ Studio, things are going slowly.

One positive is that I've got the nugget of an idea for a new "normal" app - whether it ends up on  Mac or iOS yet, I'm not sure. But, it's been a while since my last release, it's nice to think about ordinary app development again.

Anyway, with Spring (and therefore rain!) here in the UK, 2016 is motoring along, so it's all systems go here, but for now, the plan for creating a Choice Script story is on hold.