Friday, 20 October 2017

Plotline 2 released

It's been quite a while since we put out a new app, but Plotline 2 is finally available.

Plotline 2 is designed to help writers quickly map out a story, placing them on a scrolling view of the story. Each scene has an intensity value, that is intended to show how tense or important a scene is. Typically in a novel or screenplay, this intensity ebbs and flows, but generally moves upwards as the story edges towards the finish.

I wanted the original Plotline to work on the Mac back when I was designing it, but at the time, I wasn't convinced I could make the scrolling section/scene view work. On the iPad, it's a very intuitive, tactile screen, allowing you to move the intensity values for a scene in place.

Over the summer, I decided to revisit the idea of a Mac version, and I'm happy to say that I'm really pleased with how the functionality has been translated to the desktop.

One of the best features of the iPad version is retained - the OPML export. As a writer myself, that's what's driven most of the app design that I've done - time-saving, useful functionality. I use all my apps myself.

One of the most useful is the OPML export, because I use it once I've finished the Plotline (or now Plotline 2!) outline, and use Scrivener to import the OPML file. This creates the structure of the story instantly in Scrivener's document binder, with folders for each section, and a text document for each scene. Additionally, the scene details are copied to the synopsis for the text document, allowing me to basically get writing straight away.

I hope you enjoy using Plotline 2 if you give it a try.

Happy writing!